Dance classes to keep seniors active and enjoying life!                           Classes aimed at people 65 years and older

We are delighted to have been approved for the Community Group Strength & Balance Programme as our classes meet all nine of the effectiveness criteria established by the Technical Advisory Group to reduce the falls in older people.



MONDAYS: 10 – 11 am in Mt Albert. Classes resume for 2018 on 5th February.

THURSDAYS: 10 – 11 am in Remuera. Classes resume for 2018 on 8th February.

  • All classes follows school terms
  • Come 15 minutes early to enroll
  • Wear clothes you can move in and soft shoes


Monday classes at St Luke’s Church Hall, 704 New North Road, Mt Albert, Auckland

Thursday classes at St Aidan’s Church Hall, 5 Ascot Ave., Remuera, Auckland


Classes are $10 with 5% discount when paid by the term

Class descriptions:

SeniorsDANCE classes for those who are physically able are taught by Susan Jordan and Sue MacRae, both professional dance teachers

  • It is an enjoyable way to stay active, using easy to learn movement based on contemporary dance
  • Classes start with exercises on chairs and include creative movement and choreographed dances using a variety of music
  • Builds balance and coordination, keeps joints mobile and strengthens muscles
  • Addresses physical, mental and social well-being
  • Wear clothes you can move in easily and comfortably and soft fitted shoes


Photo: Amanda Billing